Are you a Happy Sexy Mama?

If you think you might be a Happy, Sexy Mama, then you most definitely are.

There are no two ways about it. You don’t need to waste anymore of your time reading this blog, because your time would be better spent revelling in your fabulousness and sending your Happy Sexy Mama vibes to the world around you. Never hide your happy sexy mamaness under a bushell; when you show yours you give the rest of us permission to show ours… and so we thank you!

If you think you might not be a Happy Sexy Mama, then I am here to assure you that you most certainly are, but you may have forgotten it along the journey of motherhood somewhere. It happens. But believe me, all is not lost, we can reclaim out Happy Sexy Mamaness with a little bit of love and care towards ourselves, and I am here to share with you some easy steps to do just that.

Losing yourSelf.

How do I know how? That’s easy – I completely lost my Happy Sexy Mamaness towards the end of my second pregnancy. I can blame a whole myriad of reasons why, but if I’m feeling brave and truthful then I will tell you, it was because I entirely lost sight of my connection to my(self). That little light that burns inside you and lets you know that you are alive – not in a breathing, heart pumping kind of way, but in an ALIVE kind of way; feeling inspired, full of possibility, enthusiasm and excitement for lifes great adventure. When you feel that kind of ALIVE, that is when you are connected to your Self.

Anything less than that is a shame, and a wasted moment, and not the best that life can offer.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect I had post natal depression (PND). It isn’t really important, as that is just a name anyway. All I can say is that I felt so blue, all the time, that my daughters first memory of me is me sitting on my bed crying, which is what I mainly did for 3 years, in between cooking, cleaning, nappies, baths, bedtimes, walks and trying to be the Mum I always I assumed I would be. My assumption never included hours of crying on my bed, existing in a fog of numb greyness quietly torturing myself with feelings of horror, self loathing and guilt. That is a fact that does not make me proud. So after 3 years of being alive but not feeling ALIVE, I started to drag myself out of my invisible pit of dispair, using the tools that I had at my disposal.

You can not give of an empty cup.

One of my favourite expressions is ‘you can not give of an empty cup’. That sums it up for me. I was an empty cup, and I needed to get my cup filled quickly so that I could make up for lost time and give to my children as well as the rest of my family and friends around me.

So, here is where being a yoga teacher and having a chronic addiction to amazons’ self help section comes in handy. When it comes to tools for dragging yourself out of an emotional pit, I had a pretty impressive selection at my disposal. And I have tried them all, and I continue to try.

This is my lifes work, and I am delighted to have created this website – – to share the tools I have tried and help you stay connected and ALIVE throughout motherhood and beyond.

Here is my intention for you.

I shall be posting short yoga classes to keep you moving and shaking your chackra drenched booty.

I shall be writing this blog to share ideas and musings on tools & ideas I discover along the way.

I shall be offering vlogs with ideas for simple meditations and breathing techniques which are hugely effective ways of accessing your Happy Sexy Mamaness.

And through social media we shall be sharing our experiences and encouraging one another along with Gratitude posts and Happy Sexy Mama moments; good and bad.

Nurturing heroes.

My sincere wish is that this space will become a precious space of peace, support and inspiration for all Mamas out there doing their best to keep their cups filled. Because when it comes to shaping the future and creating the enlightened society we crave, there is no player more key than the Mamas. We lay the foundation. We nurture tomorrows heroes. We set the scene for their greatest performance. So it really matters that we do it well, with happiness, sexiness and a fierce connection to our better self.

I hope you’ll join me so that you can kick back, thrive in motherhood, and be your Happy Sexy Mama self.

Sonja Lockyer writes for, and is commited to looking after the Mummies who are busy looking after the rest of us.

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